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Newsletter 2nd QTR 2013

Coming Along…


Last newsletter we told you about the awesome blessing God gave us. After years of prayer and waiting, a home equity loan, and generous gifts along with some volunteer muscle we were able to build the Audio/Video Studio we had wanted to further our work here in Oklahoma and the Nation. Last newsletter we left off with the foundation, rough framing, and roofing being complete.


Char at Door

Doors & Windows

Soffit & Fascia

Soffit & Fascia

Since then Charlyne and I have installed the windows and doors, along with the vinyl soffit and aluminum fascia. A friend and supporter from Florida came and volunteered to help install the vinyl siding. Most of the material for this part of the job had already been purchased when we started. The city inspector passed us and gave us permission to occupy the building.


siding install

Now we are moving along as God provides. The same gentleman who came to help install the siding gave a generous donation that paid for all except about $50 of the material to install the electricity in the building. Charlyne and I worked on it diligently and got it done. The City electrical inspector gave us an A+ saying it was some of the nicest work he’s seen in a while. What an encouragement for an old contractor who turned missionary 20 years ago.


siding install 2

Mike & I installing the siding. Couldn't have done it without him.


The electric passed with flying colors, what a blessing →

Electric Box


We thought that we may be able to get away without finishing the interior, but we’ve already had a few days over 100° and we quickly realized that there was way too much heat radiating down from the roof (attic)area inside. So we decided we will need to insulate and drywall the ceiling at the very least.


FL Team
Insulation 1


Thankfully our friends and missionary team from Dunedin Baptist church in Florida volunteered to help us install and partially pay for the insulation for the ceiling. So they took one afternoon away from the VBS and other ministry they were doing in Carnegie and helped us get it in. Even without drywall you can already feel the difference in the building.


Insulation 2
Insulation 3


Thank you team! Thank You God!


Now we’re waiting for God to provide the drywall and a window air conditioner or two and we will be ready to start using the studio. We can hardly wait for it to be operational and begin producing some of the projects that have been on the back burner.

While We’re Talking About The Dunedin Baptist Mission Team…


Once again these guys came and just blew us away with their servant’s heart!

After coming here year after year their leader, Pastor Alan Winfield, has become an old and trusted friend to us and many of the leadership at Cedar Creek church. Other repeat visitors like Julie and Cheryl hold that spot in our hearts as well. This year we got to meet more new friends from Florida, Kyle, Rick, Bella, and Gwen. What a great group of God’s kids! (yes Rick I even called you a kid, you owe me.)


Florida Group at church

Back L to R: Kyle, Bella, Cheryl, Gwen, and Julie

Front: Rick, Alan

As I mentioned earlier, the blessing they bestowed on us at our studio was only a small distraction from the ministry God had them doing in Carnegie. First and foremost was the Vacation Bible School.




Each day started with a small meal for the kids at 5:30pm in the dining hall and then off to the church for some singing, dancing and opening activities. Now that we’re all warmed up it’s time to split into three different age groups and head off to Bible Story, Crafts, or Games & Activities. Hold on to your hats because the next two hours could make your head spin. Finally it’s back to the sanctuary to sum it all up and a little more singing and dancing.



On Thursday we ended the VBS with a visit from a neighborhood horse. I guess he wanted to see what all the commotion was about. And Friday was the annual pool party!



Check out this little slideshow:

Fl Team VBS from how2 on GodTube.


While at the church the team also blessed us with some practical helps. They stripped the dining hall floor (Kyle & Bella were the stars of this event) and gave it a fresh waxing. WOW! What a difference it made. It looked like a new floor when they were done. One of the church leaders made the comment, “It looks so good I don’t want to let anyone walk on it, might mess it up.” But of course we did walk on it along with a whole slew of neighborhood kids.

While some worked on the floor others took everything out of the kitchen cabinets, cleaned them, polished them, and restocked them. Oh what a blessing for the church! The hot, dry weather is hard on wood cabinets and a little tender loving care is just what they needed. They did the same thing to the pantry closet, and some of the storage areas in the church.

Every year when they come they make a visit to the Senior Citizen’s Center in Carnegie. This year was no exception. The senior citizens look forward to their visit. The team takes gifts for them, but what is most enjoyed is their gift of time. The folks are so happy to have someone to talk to and it is something out of the ordinary for them that breaks the monotony.

VBS4Thank you Dunedin Baptist Mission Team

for coming and ministering to, and among us.



Hope to see you again next year for a new adventure!













Our A-Team Hard At Work…



While we have been working on the audio/video studio our Advocacy Team, or A-Team for short, has been hard at work trying to raise funds to update some of our camera equipment. If you or your church have received a letter from them please know that it is legitimate. If you haven’t gotten anything from them you can find out what it’s all about in more detail by contacting Paulette Myers at or (724) 864-0233, or Karen Miller at or (724) 527-5406.

Basically our still camera was accidentally destroyed two summers ago during a mission outreach. Both of our video cameras are good high quality cameras but they are standard definition. They are considered obsolete. We are still using them to produce excellent work but the industry standard is now High Definition. The A-Team is working to raise the funds to purchase us a professional quality still camera that is also capable of shooting high definition video. This single camera will replace three cameras saving several thousand dollars. Please pray that God will bless their efforts and bless our ministry.

Canon EOS 7D

If you'd like to make a donation on-line just click HERE.
When you get to the last page where it gives opportunity to "Add special instructions to the seller"
just click on the + and make the comment of where you'd like your gift applied.

Please pray with us:


  • That as God continues to lead and guide us that our eyes and ears will be wide open to hear Him, that He will give us wisdom , and the strength to follow that wisdom.
  • That God will increase the finances for the ministry.
  • That He will bless the families, finances, and lives of those who support us now with prayers and finances for their faithfulness.
  • That God will use the new studio to accomplish all that He has planned and purposed.

Thank you to all of you who pray for us and support the work in Native America, you are waging war and your prayers are heard in the throne room of God. Thank you to our A-team members who have met each month to encourage us and cover us in prayer, for allowing God to use you to effect the lives of people you may never meet this side of Heaven. We need you all and we love and appreciate each and every one of you!

Thank you for continuing to walk with us in 2013.

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