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Newsletter 3nd QTR 2013

Land of Lincoln


We had a mission team from the Land of Lincoln (IL) led by Rodney Lanignham who came to work with us during the 4th of July week. They asked “What needs done?” So we told them what needed done at two Native American churches and they dug right in and got it done. They helped out with Agape’s project as well.


Painting Mt Scott Comanche

Painting Soffit & Fascia

At the Mt. Scott Comanche Church they got right to painting the exterior trim and siding on the whole church. It was a big job and the church was amazed at how much the team of five was able to do.


They accomplished some minor carpentry repairs that were needed prior to painting . Then they got at least one coat of paint on the whole church and a second coat on some of it (where it was needed).


Learning the Art of Building an Indian Taco...

They stayed there at the church and had a great time fellowshipping with the congregation in the evenings. The folks at the church treated them well and made sure they didn’t go hungry. Wednesday evening was Indian Taco night. The team had never had Indian Tacos before so it was a real treat. We know that they made some lasting friendships and the church is hoping they’ll come back again.


Stained Glass Windows

Beautiful Entrance Doors


The last couple days they were here they went to the Mt Scott Kiowa Church and made some much needed repairs there. The Mt Scott Kiowa building is a historical building and any work done takes special care and finesse. Again the church was so appreciative of what they did and especially the time and care they took showing such respect for this treasured structure. They scraped, repaired, and painted the frames around the stained glass windows and entry doors,repaired some benches, and a soft spot in the floor. Awesome job!!

AV Studio


We have been keeping you updated on the Audio Video studio that we have been building. It seems like a long time ago but shortly after our 2nd QTR newsletter we were able to finish building and start using the studio thanks to the help from our friends from IL.


The two men on the team took a couple afternoons to come and work with me on our studio. Rodney purchased a tool (drywall jack) to hold the drywall against the ceiling for easy installation, used it, and then took it home with him. What a blessing that was. They donated enough money to purchase all of the drywall, glue, screws, and a little extra to further bless our ministry. We were able to get the whole ceiling installed. Rodney Also had a couple used window air conditioners that he brought and donated to the ministry.



With the ceiling and air conditioners in place it was time to do the finishing touches. Charlyne and I worked together to hang curtains and green screens, install lights, audio, and decorate with furniture and wall hangings. We have built and gathered props and all the stuff necessary to create awesome video.

The very first recording we did was a worship service. During that service we praised God for the gift of the studio and dedicated it to His service. Since then we have been making good use of it. We plan to move our multi-media classes to the studio this Fall.

More Good News


And there is more exciting news that we just received, our A-Team has been successful in obtaining the necessary donations to purchase the new High Definition camera that they’ve been working towards. We should have the camera in the studio by the middle of November, Amen!

The camera is going to give us the opportunity to produce high quality, high definition videos that meet or exceed broadcasting standards. This means that we will be able to make public information/awareness announcements and promotions that can be played on local television stations for churches and the Kiowa Tribe Suicide Prevention program. We will be able to produce video projects that will be top quality, look good on today’s high definition screens, and be technically appropriate for years to come.


A big THANK YOU to our A-Team Leader, Paulette Myers, and the rest of our A-Team; all of those who donated to make this possible, and our Lord Jesus Christ!


Canon EOS 7D

Rosebud South Dakota


This summer we had a rare opportunity to visit old friends and ministry partners and simultaneously take our grandson on an educational, but fun, vacation. Tyler (grandson) hitched a ride to Oklahoma with Cindie Logan, the base leader for YWAM Southern Plains and Charlyne on their way back from a trip to central PA and NJ.

After spending a few days here the three of us headed for the Rosebud reservation in South Dakota. Tyler is 14, the same age his father was when we moved to the Rosebud Reservation as missionaries. We met up with some friends there and had a good time visiting. We took Tyler around and showed him the community and building where his dad (and the rest of us) lived. I think he was a little taken back by the poverty and feeling of isolation.


Next we headed for Wounded Knee where we prayed and talked with some of the youth that always hang around there. Tyler was very interested in the history of the place, and was curious as he read the statements on many of the headstone in the surrounding cemetery. Later as we entered the Badlands National Park we were fortunate to run into an elder selling his artwork who had relatives that were a part of the original massacre and the uprising in the 70’s. He shared a lot of information and stories from the Lakota point of view. What a treat for Tyler to get a one on one personal account of these important events in the history of our nation.

← Wounded Knee Memorial



Poorman Family & us


We traveled next to Rapid City where we stayed with an old and dear friend whom we knew from Rosebud, Wastewin, her children, cousin Franny, and her mother Viola Poorman. They were the first family to welcome us to the reservation way back when. Shawn and Wastewin’s cousin, Jamie, were good friends so Wastewin had lots of stories to tell Tyler about his father’s exploits. We had such a great time visiting and even got to celebrate Wastewin’s birthday with her.


From Rapid City we took Tyler to explore the Bad Lands, then to the top of the Black Hills, Harney’s Peak. And Custer State Park, Needles Highway, Mt Rushmore, and the Crazy Horse Memorial. Tyler said his two favorite things, other than meeting and making new friends, were exploring the Bad Lands and feeding the wild burros on the wildlife loop in Custer Park. Just like his dad, he wore us both out climbing the rocks and chasing down everything that interested him. I think he may make wildlife documentaries someday. He took dozens of photos and multiple videos of all kinds of lizards, birds, and bugs, voicing commentary as he went.

Bad Lands

The Wild Burros seemed fairly tame when they ate apples

The View from Harney's Peak

Triumphant Ascend! or Tyler at the Top!

We had a great time. Tyler learned a lot and now has a better understanding of who, how, and why his dad, uncle, and grandparents are who they are. I don’t think he’ll soon forget all that he took in, and who knows, it could shape his life in some way. We thank God for our sons and grandson, and the times we get to spend with him. And we thank Jesus for all the people He has brought into our lives over the years. God promised to enlarge our family and He certainly has kept His word!

Please pray with us:


  • Continued direction for Howard and Charlyne to fulfill Agape’s vision as we are approaching another year. (Jan 2014 we will have been working in OK for 15 years)
  • Video taping schedules will not interfere with important Native Amerian events in order for tapes to be produced in a timely manner.
  • Continued blessings on our great team of friends who call themselves our A-team.

The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows) John 10:10

Thank you to all of you who pray for us and support the work in Native America, you are waging war and your prayers are heard in the throne room of God. Thank you to our A-team members who have met each month to encourage us and cover us in prayer, for allowing God to use you to effect the lives of people you may never meet this side of Heaven. We need you all and we love and appreciate each and every one of you!

Thank you for continuing to walk with us in 2013.

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