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Newsletter 4th QTR 2013

Year of Blessing With Our Awesome God!


In the last quarter of 2013 we began to use the wonderful gift that God had given us through so many of His children, the Video Studio. We again want to say thanks to all of you who have helped financially or physically or both.

The very first thing we did was have a praise and worship service to thank Him for the studio and dedicate it to His plans and purpose. It was a fantastic evening of praise, worship, prayer, and fellowship. And of course, we ate.

God was invited and we felt the presence of His Holy Spirit join us, and our friends, some of whom are Native American ministry leaders, as we glorified His name and dedicated the building for His use. While we worshipped and prayed we couldn’t help but feel that God might find uses for the building that went beyond video and audio recordings. We are excited to see what He might do.



Patti Hunting Horse led us in some contemporary and traditional worship. Patti and her husband Tony have been Christian leaders in their community for a long time. I first met them in 1995 when we were living on Rosebud reservation. I and Dan Baum, an intern at the ministry, had come to Oklahoma to represent Rev. Moore at a conference in Broken Bow. Tony was a church elder and Patti the worship leader at a church we came to visit in Ft Cobb, OK. as part of our trip. We love and respect them and their continuing work for the Lord.



Then Vernon and Jessica blessed us with some contemporary Christian music. One of their songs was an original written and composed by Vernon. They are a young couple who are on fire for the Lord.We were honored to participate in Vernon’s baptism several years ago out at the Ft Cobb lake. It has been a joy to watch him mature in the Lord. We are just getting to know Jessica but think the world of her. She seems solid in the Lord and she and Vernon make a wonderful team.

We all joined in to dedicate, anoint, and pray over the facility and our ministry. Starting with Pastor Gerald Haunpo and ending with Cindie Logan (YWAM Southern Plains leader) we each prayed as the Lord spoke to us and through us. God’s blessing is clearly in place over us, and this ministry. We continue to watch and listen for His perfect direction. We have been absolutely convinced over the years that no matter what circumstances look like, God has a plan for us and we can trust Him to lead us each step of the way.


Check out this short video from the dedication:



And The Beat Goes On


Since the dedication ceremony the studio has come alive with so many activities. We have helped a Native American artist, Myron Beeson, record and produce a Native flute album. The proceeds from his album will help finance his continued career as a sculptor and painter. Along the same lines we helped Vernon and Jessica record and produce their first demo CD. The idea is to help them get experience in recording and identify what is good and what needs work. We believe that God is going to use them in a big way.

We videotaped Myron, Vernon and Jessica while we were recording the audio and got their permission to show the videos on our web site. We plan to incorporate these into an online outreach in the near future.

We have produced several promotions for churches and their ministries. One ministry is called “Matthew 25.” They are an outreach ministry catering to the homeless and the financially less fortunate (many more of us fit this category these days). They collect food and clothes, coats and blankets to hand out to people. And they provide a meal and worship service once a month. It was really awesome to get to know the people who run it and help them tell their story.

One of the most exciting things to me has been the “Native American Elder’s Life History Stories” that we’ve started to record. Traditionally most Native American Tribes have an “Oral History” rather than a written one, but with the change to our fast pased modern life much of the history is being lost. This is an opportunity for the Elders to tell their story so that the generations to come will know who they are and where their roots have been established. A bonus for me is the enlarged understanding and respect which I gain for the lives of each of my interviewees, the decision points in their lives, and their choices.


This year at Christmas we were unable to go to Pennsylvania, and our sons were not able to come here. But God! But God made an opportunity for our Jesus family here in Oklahoma to come together for an evening of great fellowship at our Christmas party. What an awesome time we had singing Christmas carols, sharing a great potluck meal, and playing some fun games. Laughter is a good medicine, we laughed all night long and, at least for a while, the missing family blues went away. We also had a great time of prayer for all of our families and each other.


Some might call the studio unfinished with it’s bare 2” X 4” walls on the inside, but that doesn’t stop God from making good use of it. Just like us, we’re not finished either in some people’s eyes, but God doesn’t see us that way. He sees potential, and starts to use us as soon as we say, “Yes Lord.” Don’t wait until everything is perfect, or until you or someone else thinks you’re finished. Say yes to God now, step through the door, and let Him show you what He can do with what little you think you have!

The New Camera


As promised the new high definition camera arrived in the middle of November. They were able to purchase the camera body, a total of three lenses, several filters, and an audio adapter. We are so blessed with this camera and have started to use it. I have spent a considerable amount of time learning how to use it correctly. It will take months to learn how to use it to it’s fullest potential. The camera is able to closely mimic the quality of Hollywood film cameras, it’s amazing.

We again want to thank all of the churches and individuals who joined together to make this possible. With a special thanks to our home church, Cornerstone Ministries, for doing all the paperwork and ordering the camera for our A-Team. And of course a special thanks to our A-Team.


But most of all we want to thank Paulette Myers, our A-Team leader, for all of the time and hard work she put into making it happen. From the reports that we got it seems that she almost single handedly did all the footwork spending numerous hours on the phone and writing letters. Thanks Paulette, you’re a hero in our eyes.


Canon EOS 7D

In Conclusion


2013 was a good year. It certainly had it’s challenges physically, emotionally, and spiritually, not the least of which was financially, not only for us but for our entire country. But God! He continues to bless us in the midst of the problems and prepare a table in the midst of our enemy.

This year we were heartbroken as our dear friend and ministry partner, Richard Twiss, went home to Jesus. We are happy for him, but sad for us and his family, we all miss him dearly.

In the midst of our struggles we are so thankful to God for all the good that He pours out on us. Like the chance to take our grandson to the Rosebud reservation this summer. All of the groups that came through this year and the lives God used us to touch in the groups and in our community.

We look back and recognize the battles that we have won because of our Lord. And it gives us courage, strength, trust, and peace to go on with Him through whatever door He opens. Praise God!!

Please pray with us:


The second week of March we will have a mission team in from Missouri State University, Christian Campus House Ministry for the second year in a row. Please pray that their trip will go well, that God will minister to them as well as the Native folks here in Oklahoma they will be ministering with. They are a large and awesome team. We had a great time with them last year and anticipate the same this year. We are grateful that their leader, Dave Embree, decided to bring them here again to work alongside us in our ministry locally in Oklahoma.

The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows) John 10:10


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