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Newsletter 1st & 2nd QTR 2014

Play It Again Dave!


Dave EmbreeThis Spring Dave Embree of Christian Campus House in Missouri brought a great team of college students and adult mentors to work with us during their Spring Break. This is the second year that Christian Campus House has come to work with us, and we sure feel blessed by them. Just like Spring time, they bring extended light, a refreshing like rain, and new life with them. Their energy, devotion to God, and love for His children radiates to all who are in contact with them. Such an encouragement to Charlyne and me!




This year they worked at eight Native American Christian churches, YWAM Southern Plains, an elder’s house, and worked on multiple projects at the OIMC SW District Meeting Camp. Their projects included roofing, painting, building a floor, hanging drywall, building classrooms, installing vinyl tile and toilets, repairing stained glass windows, installing doors, building a bell tower, and fixing plumbing. This list is only the tip of the iceberg, they accomplished so much more than we can even mention here. All the churches are still talking about what a blessing they were. Not just with the amount of work they got done but how pleasant they were to be around and how impressed they were with their attitude and the love they exhibited.


Repair wall
Repairing The Back Wall of a Dinning Cabin

Hang Drywall

Hanging Drywall in a New Cabin

The outreach wasn’t all about work, it was about fellowship too. Each day as the teams went to their perspective jobs folks from each church would show up to help with the work, provide meals, and just plain fellowship. The students and the local people really enjoyed these opportunities to make new relationships or strengthen some of those that were started last year. As a missionary it is awesome to see these relationships develop, after all, it’s what the Kingdom of God is all about.
Each evening different Native people would stop by the camp where the team was staying just to fellowship. Some of the elders in the community shared stories about their families and the history of Native people in the area. The team were like dry sponges soaking it all in. This is what a cross cultural experience is all about, sharing your stories with each other and realizing that though we have had different experiences, deep down we are very much alike, especially when it comes to our need for a savior.
On Wednesday evening all of the churches got together and prepared an Indian Taco dinner for the team. For some it was the first time they ever had one, for others it was the end of a year long wait to have another one. As usual, the tacos were delicious and filling.
After dinner some of the elders shared stories, and many shared Native American hymns sung in their different languages. It was like an old time Gospel Sing only in different Native Tongues. Even if you didn’t understand the language you could feel the presence of the Spirit of God. It was a great evening for all!
Many from the churches and the team expressed their excited anticipation for the next Spring break and a return visit from Christian Campus House. I and Charlyne are among that crowd!


A Heart for Missions Still Beats


With a failing economy, world events and catastrophes it seems that many churches, ministries, and individuals have sort of put missions on the back burner. They haven’t given up on it completely, but it is not something that is in the forefront of their thoughts each day. (Other than missionaries and mission organizations that is) It can be disheartening for those on the front lines. That is why we’re so glad that we have our A-Team and others who are committed to hold us up in prayer. You’ll never know how much that means to us.
But I have been greatly encouraged after talking to some of the students that were a part of the Christian Campus House team and asking them to share some of their thoughts. These young people have such a heart for God and to see the Gospel spread to all people. What impressed me the most was that their excitement wasn’t to go preach a message, but rather to go be a friend, a brother, a Christian among the people. To share Jesus Christ by sharing themselves, their lives, and the Christ in them. Their excitement for short and long term missions was contagious and it got me excited again.
Kenny, one of the young student leaders said,
Kenny“One thing I really learned from this trip was the absolute sense of community and unity that the different tribes are sharing with one another and that they shared with us immediately, they are so welcoming, bringing us into their territory. It’s a humbling feeling. Because I feel like sometimes we don’t show that to people who might live right down the street from us, and yet we are total strangers. So it’s very eye opening.
I absolutely believe that short term mission trips like this one are crucial for our spiritual growth. Spiritually I feel definite growth.”





You can watch Kenny and Abby’s full testimony along with a couple others on our website Video Page HERE or Face Book webpage at:

I was encouraged by Kenny and Abby’s realization of how important the mission trip was for their own group. How the trip strengthened the teams relationships and how what they took back with them would make a difference in their churches, homes, and communities.

This next quote is from Abby, a young woman whose effervescent personality brought smiles to the faces of everyone she met.
Abby“I love doing work for others; it’s just something that I am passionate about that I’ve done since high school on short term mission trips. And I just love it; I think it’s a blast. And I think it helps us as a group bond more closely. I’ve gotten to know so many more people on this trip.
I think short term mission trips are extremely important. I think God calls us each to the mission field. We often talk about being called as though it’s not for everyone, but it is. Jesus specifically calls us all to mission. And that doesn’t always look like going overseas. Sometimes that looks like our school, sometimes our work place, or soccer. But this week for us it looked like coming here to Oklahoma and to this camp and working with the churches in this area.
It’s not only important for the people we’ve come to help, but it’s just as important for us who go on the mission trips. Because not only do we fulfill our purpose, but we also get to grow spiritually. We get to learn what it is to serve, to serve joyfully, patients, and how we are all connected under Christ.
I got to fellowship with people from very different backgrounds than my own. But I got to learn that we’re all really the same underneath. We might come from various cultures but in the end we all go through the same things in life, and we all need a Savior, and we are all part of the same family. That was such a wonderful thing to learn and experience this week.”

It is so encouraging to us to see how strong the desire is for missions in these young people. To hear how they recognize the importance of missions and know it is a call of God. It is great to see that God is raising up another generation who will hear His voice and accept His calling.

Family Legacy Videos

Quick Report- We have continued to concentrate on producing the Family History Legacy Videos with the Native American Elders using that new camera the Lord and our A-Team blessed us with. It has been some very interesting work. Seeing how some of the elder’s stories are so tied into US history can be amazing. So far we have worked mainly with the Kiowa Tribe, but plan to have elders from other tribes sharing their stories with us in the next several months. We will keep you informed of our progress.


February marked one year since our good friend and brotherRichard Twiss Richard Twiss went home to be with Daddy. At the end of July this year during the Wiconi Family Camp the powwow will be "The Richard Twiss Memorial Powwow." We hope to go but will have to see if finances permit.
It is Lakota (Sioux) tradition to have a “Wiping of the Tears” ceremony one year after a loved one’s passing. It is to signify that it is appropriate to stop grieving as intensely as you have for the past year and begin to put life into a place of the new normal. It gives you permission to “go on” without feeling guilty for doing so. Such an awesome tradition that is full of wisdom. I hope to incorporate it into my family. I’m sure Richard’s family has already done this in private. Since Richard was such a public figure the memorial powwow will accomplish this for the general public.
I have been remembering Richard and thinking about our friendship. Life, and especially ministry, seems a little tougher now that he is no longer around to confide in. Richard was a true friend. He had the ability, as Paul talks about in 1 Cor. 9:22, to become all things to all men. Not in a deceitful way, but in an “I care about you” kind of way.
Richard cared deeply for his Native American/First Nations people, that’s true. But I found he cared just as deeply for white people and black people, and whatever race or culture you were. He recognized God and good in people. I watched him overcome evil with good when many riled against him. He saw value in me as a white guy in Native ministry proclaiming to me privately and publicly that he knew God had called me and Charlyne to it. And though he wanted so badly to see Native people rise to the top in the Christian church, he never suppressed the value of all people, and continued to strive for unity.
I miss him, we all miss him. And I can’t wait till that day when we meet up again and laugh and tease each other about our protruding bellies (even if we don’t have them then it won’t stop us). But until that time we will continue to work with our Wiconi International family to see Richard’s ideals/visions achieved.

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