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Suicide Prevention

Native in regalia


The Mission of the Suicide Prevention Ministry is to reduce youth suicides and attempts in our surrounding communities, and Native America. To promote help seeking behavior in our youth, and create community "Gatekeepers" to advance awareness and healing to those touched by suicide. ("Gatekeeper" is a name used by the QPR institute to describe a person who has been trained to recognize persons at risk and the steps to take to help them) To raise community awareness of the suicide problem, and the organizations that are in place to help.


We continue to promote and work closely with our Native American Christian brethren, specifically Amy & Rusty Cozad, in the Kiowa Tribe Suicide Prevention Task Force (K.T.S.P.) and in conjunction with the Kiowa Tribe, Indian Health Services USA, and the state of Oklahoma.


KTSP office openingThe K.T.S.P. has a vision to become a resource to the community in suicide prevention and education. To assist in reducing suicide, and attempts in our area and surrounding communities throughout the "life span", in order to address a greater number of individuals affected by suicide and depression. Provide support to our community in times of crisis. Assist in devising emergency plans, and after care management for loved ones affected by suicide. To instill "Life Skills", into schools, churches, tribal organizations, and community based programs to perpetuate successful generations to come. Create a network of individuals and organizations to provide support to our community and lessen the demand on acute care services. Advance our community's well being, by focusing on the growth and development of each individual as a "whole" (body, mind, and spirit). Agape Lane Ministry supports this vision 100%, and is devoted to doing all we can as part of the Task Force.

Howard Teaching


Howard is certified by the QPR Institute of America as a QPR instructor. QPR stands for Question, Persuade, and Refer. It is an evidence based suicide prevention training designed to increase the knowledge of individuals to detect suicidal behavior and depression, come along side them as a friend, and refer them to professionals who can help. We set up training sessions with individual churches, denominational conferences, Christian groups, as well as secular groups and organizations.


We continue to raise public awareness by participating in, and helping with events like the Annual "Dance For Life" Suicide Prevention Awareness Powwow,and the QPR trainings. We are taking the steps to design, develop, and build a website for Agape Lane Ministry Suicide Prevention Ministry complete with a youth blog and other sources of help. Assist the K.T.S.P. with a website as well. Finally we are creating posters, video ads, and multi-media public announcements that can be used on TV, Radio, and print.


We purpose to identify youth who are interested in learning to develop Multimedia projects to reach their generation for the purpose of education and giving a ray of hope. To make the young people aware that there are people who care and help is available, that they are not the only ones who feel the way they do.

(see Multi-Media Ministry)


Youth girls in regalia

After identifying, training and encouraging the youth to produce the age-relevant multimedia. We help them to develop multimedia (graphic arts, video, etc) to heighten awareness of the situation in the community and the need to address it. We believe that the youth are the best choice to develop the multimedia to reach the youth. Most of all, the young people will take ownership of the effort to confront suicide and depression amongst their friends and community. And as they have ownership of it, life and community become important to them, and it adds value to their own life. So, as the youth participate in ministering to others, they are ministered to. Our desire is to produce teaching/training videos that can be used in schools and churches.