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What are your goals/vision?


runner start imageNative American children, youth, and adults are looking for peace and contentment like anyone else. Howard and Charlyne have recognized God's calling and equipping on their lives to help by using their gifts and talents to edify the church and build up the body of Christ. They believe that God has called them to be instrumental in helping the lost find the Lord, His love, and their place in His Kingdom. To minister to the broken hearted, and bring freedom to the captives. And though they feel God could use them anywhere in the world, He has confirmed through numerous sources that He has called them to live out this gospel and this calling with Native American people. They are excited to be a part of what God is doing and He has given them a vision for:

  • To see Native American men and women, youth and adults recognize that they have true value in the eyes of God. They are precious and indispensable in the body of Christ. They have many God given gifts and talents to offer others in the body of Christ and a responsibility to share those things. They can make a difference in their own Tribe, their own communities, and the entire world.
  • To see the work of the enemy destroyed and Native American Christians freed to worship God in spirit and in truth, using expressions of their own God given culture should they choose to do so. To see non-Christian Native Americans recognize that they do not have to turn their back on their own heritage, and pretend to be someone they're not in order for God to love them, or they to love Him. For them to know that God is their creator, He loves them as He created them, and He is not the white man's God only.
  • To see the children and youth reached with the love of God before the enemy has destroyed their life and they become another adult statistic. God has shown them that it is much easier and more successful to mold and direct a young life in God's love than it is to repair a broken adult life.
  • To see Native American children, teens, and adults develop an intimate, devoted relationship with Jesus runner woman imageChrist, and to see them used by God as a powerful force in His Kingdom. To see them have a personal ownership of their faith that springs from a firm belief and love for God.
  • To see Native American people equipped to serve in leadership roles in the Body of Christ, in their own communities and to people around the world. To see them spiritually multiplying themselves. Help them to discover the giftings that God has given them, and develop their own methods of evangelism and discipling.
  • To see groups of Native American teens and adults committed to short-term and long-term missions service in other Native American communities, Reservations, and other people groups in areas all over the world. We believe Native Americans have a huge part in taking the gospel to the nations.
  • To see Non-Indian churches and ministries educated so that the attitude of being the parent (non-Natives), or the children (Native Americans) can stop. So that they can come together as brothers in Christ, Non-Indian churches and the Native churches, to build the kingdom of God.
  • To see Native American Christians, churches, and youth ministries coming together in unity and working together in the love of God. This will be an example to non-believers, the Tribes, and the entire body of Christ.runner finish image

We believe that properly equipped Native Americans will be far more effective in reaching their own people with the Good News of Jesus Christ than those from outside the community. Whether as pastors, evangelist, missionaries, children or youth workers, or any other number of roles they could fill, we are excited to see the youth and adults of today's Native communities becoming the ministers of tomorrow. God will certainly use them to set their own course in this new millennium.


"Because of what God has done, no other people group on the earth today has been so uniquely positioned for world missions as the First Nations of North America."

Quote from Richard Twiss (Lakota Sioux) President of Wiconi International