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What is your strategy to reach your goals?


This is the strategy that God has given us:

  • Partner with committed Christians in Native American communities to evangelize, and disciple the people in a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Be slow to speak and quick to listen. Be good listeners so that we can hear the heartbeat of the people.
  • In cooperation with those partners seek out teaching, teachers, and training that can be imported or raised up from within, especially that of Native American origin. Successful Native American teachers, worship leaders, and craftsman are possitive role models that promote an "I can" attitude.
  • Bring strong Native American Christian personalities into the community for evangelism, discipleship, and teaching. This will be a great example to the Native community of what they too can achieve with God.
  • Help Develop a network of Christian ministries including Native American and Non-Native, on a local, national, and international level.
  • To help the Christian people identify the giftings that God has given them, develop them fully, and put them into productive service in God's Kingdom. This includes identifying leaders; helping to find and retrieve the training and equipping they may need, and supporting them in the ministry God has called them to.
  • To support Native ministries by providing technical, and multimedia productions to enhance their ministries, get teaching materials into the hands of the people, and train young Native people to use this technology in ministry. This also provides a great opportunity for discipleship when working with the young people during production.
  • To identify Christian leaders in this and the next generation, and partner with those mentioned above, to pass baton imagefacilitate the equipping, training, and encouragement needed to take the positions God is calling them to.
  • To be a bridge connecting Native American and Non-Native Christians and churches so that they can work together as the body of Christ. We want to be a conduit through which knowledge, wisdom, and courtesy from both sides can be passed. With a sense of camaraderie among the brethren being the final result.
  • Help to develop and implement teaching and training for cross-cultural ministry. To help enlarge the world view, educate on the apparent calling God has on Native Americans in world evangelism, and finally to prepare people to lead and participate in an outreach. Then help them organize and go on mission outreaches, or link them with mission agencies to give them experience in missions among Native American Peoples and others.