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The Bridge Ministry

intercultural youth gathering

The bridge ministry is an ongoing ministry whose focus is on Agape Lane Ministry acting as a bridge that brings cultures, and Christian denominations together in unity under the banner of Christ. It is our desire to act as a conduit through which knowledge, wisdom, respect, and courtesy can be passed, resulting in an understanding and sense of camaraderie.


In the typical summer we host several teams from other cultures and various Christian denominations here in Oklahoma. We have groups come to minister along side of Native American Christians to serve the communities through practical helps, evangelism, VBS, etc. The idea is to minister "alongside of" rather than "to." They will build relationships and participate in friendship evangelism in the midst of whatever activity they are working on together. They will form a bond, a friendship, and unity in the midst of diversity.

work teams
VBS teams


Dancing Our Prayers TeamThe other side of the Bridge Ministry coin is taking Native American teams out. This segment is designed to facilitate and equip Native Americans to be the missionary instead of the mission project. We work in conjunction with local Native Christian ministries and WiconNative Team in Arizonai International to raise up teams that will minister among other cultures and their own culture here in the US and around the world. Native Americans are sought after and considered a valid and valuable representation of Christianity in every country in the world except one, The US, but that is changing here as well. We are getting requests from places like Florida, California, and New York to bring teams; as well as Christian colleges and universities.


Native Americans Reaching Native Americans

Is sort of a sub-category of the Bridge Ministry. In NRN we help equip, and facilitate Native teams and churches to reach out to their own community and the surrounding area through service and evangelism events. Rewards are twofold in that as the community receives much needed ministry and evangelism while the team doing the ministry has their confidence built and become convinced that God does have a plan for them, has given them gifts, and they are a valuable part of His kingdom.

OK team at Wounded Knee

OK Team on Rosebud Reservation

OK. Intercessory Prayer Team with Bob & Teresa